Secret Truth of the Universe

by All Sensory Void

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This album was recorded in May 2014 in a basement.


released February 3, 2015

All instruments played by Eric Goldberg

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Skylar Adler



all rights reserved


All Sensory Void New Jersey

Romantically hopeless three-piece that makes hopelessly romantic indie rock music.


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Track Name: Bury a Hole in My Heart
Morning it comes
I’m half awake
Conscious to be
What purpose I make
Laughter inside
Death on my mind
My heart it aches
My heart is broke
Lead me to you
Lead me to you
Lead me to you
Track Name: Feeling for You
I’d call it a day
But I’m just wasting away
Or slowly losing my mind
I guess I’m just killing time
And if only one thing is true
Well I know I have feelings for you

Well I guess I’d complain
But my words won’t explain
And if I’ll never relate
Instead I will compensate
I’ll live to barter a few
Well I know I have feelings for you

Now everyday is the same
Cause I’m living so tame
I’m doing all that I can
To grow in to a good man
Giving tomorrow its due
Well I know I have feelings for you

Well I’ll hang on my pride
Cause it’s only me on my side
Now it’s a purpose I lack
I was told I couldn’t go back
If only one thing is true
Well I know I have feelings for you
Track Name: Secret Truth of the Universe
Try and find the symptom
Has she gone away?
Come again I pleaded
Stay another day

But there she goes
There she goes

Try and find the passion
Is it in your head?
People crying, laughing
Still the secret’s kept
Track Name: A Day in a Daydream
This morning a star fell down to the road
They said the sky was the limit but its weight was a load
And the pressure seems to be weighing down on everyone

The cloudiest moment in a blanket of fears
I thought I told you too much but it was what you wanted to hear
And you have two faces so I don’t know what you really mean

In a splash of morning daydream
In a sun soaked morning glory daydream
We will both be younger than we thought

If the world is around, then up must be down
Just as darkness is light every wrong must be a right
And I’m choosing sides though everyone wants the same thing

A day in a dream or a dream in a day
It comes on in circles before it’s carried away
And the mornings near but I don’t know the difference is

We will both be younger than we thought
We will live forever in a thought
We will both be better than we’d sought
We will live forever in a thought
Track Name: An Abstraction
Self evaluation
Track Name: New Year
Calm down but you can’t stay here
You’ve long felt what now is so clear
This morning we’ve come to cast doubt
While learning to leave the past out

Time to celebrate
The coming of our fate
The meaning of ourselves
Let’s start over

We all stand to reconsider
A past for which we still linger

Time to celebrate
The cleaning of this slate
The coming of our fate
Let’s start over
Track Name: Within You, I'm Without
Hide your faces; they’re buried in your clothes
To keep the traces and strike them in a pose
I’d hate to say I kept you all in doubt

Fast in masses, if only for a trend
To think with guesses but help you understand
I’m never really sure what you’re about

And she says we’re almost overdue
Storm in to quiet morn with you
Lets pretend we’re satisfied
Then under bed sheets hide
And tomorrow we will decide if we’re through

Doused in choices, soak me to the bone
While new age voices, take on familiar tones
And I’m sure there is no need for them to shout

I long to be everywhere I’m not
And steal the shadows on what I haven’t got
I hate to say within you I’m without
Track Name: Living in Real-Time
This longing in my heart
A love I can’t impart
Electronically I’ll yearn
Isolation in return

I’ll die for my own sins
Every morning with a grin
Make decisions by instinct
Often better not to think

I’m alive.

Desperation in my heart
Toward a love I can’t impart